Control User Access

Prevent user login from any location other than the one to which they are "locked".


SuiteLock secures user access to your data in SuiteMoney or SuiteProfit.

Control access to your cloud based business applications, by allowing users to login from a specific location only. Prevent user login from any location other than the one to which they are "locked".

SuiteLock is designed for companies who wish to avail of all the benefits of having their enterprise operate from servers in the Cloud, but at the same time wish to selectively disallow certain users from logging into their Cloud based servers from any location other than a specified business location.

The product ...

SuiteLock is a hardware server provided by Maxigems Technologies running "Key Generation" software, to be installed in a physically secure location at the business site to which users must be locked.

SuiteLock "Key Generation" software is accessed as a web page, over the internal LAN. Since SuiteLock is accessed only internally on the LAN, and is never made accessible outside the company, any user who has been "location locked" cannot login into SuiteMoney or SuiteProfit from anywhere but the business site where the SuiteLock server is located.

How it works ...

The administrator must first "lock" a given user to a specific business site, using the user administration module. When any "location locked" user tries to login (into SuiteMoney or SuiteProfit), the system will prompt him with a "Challenge Code" (valid for 10 seconds). The user must copy and enter this challenge code into the SuiteLock application (web page), and generate an "Access Code".

This access code generated by SuiteLock must then be used to login into the Cloud based application. Failure to enter the correct access code within 10 seconds will invalidate the challenge code, and require a repeat of the process. Login is allowed only if the correct code is entered. User accounts can be locked out after a fixed number of failed attempts.