About Maxigems

Maxigems Technologies established in 2007, specializes in providing Cloud based business applications to help companies manage their enterprises.

Our applications enable businesses to manage transactions relating to enterprise functions like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Quality all of which are tightly integrated with Finance.

Tight integration with Finance accompanied by financial dashboards enable businesses to obtain a clear strategic perspective, and measure their actual financial performance across multiple businesses – in real time – not at quarterly or annual reviews.

Structural problems and or inefficiencies can be rapidly identified with corrective strategic decisions and actions taken to address those quickly.

Our applications are especially suited to businesses having operations spread across multiple countries or locations.

Being Cloud delivered has a couple of significant advantages. The first being no need to invest capital in procurement of expensive computer hardware. Instead, secure Cloud based applications are provided as a service, accessed over the Internet. The other corresponding advantage of the Cloud based approach is a very short startup phase allowing businesses to focus on obtaining results quickly, and avoid getting bogged down with deployment related issues.

For businesses with a preference for on-site installation, Maxigems provides that too.

The entire suite of applications provided by Maxigems has been built on Industrial Grade Enterprise Software components that are Open Source. This has substantial financial implications for businesses and means that they do not incur any additional expense on account of software licenses to be paid to proprietary software vendors. This dramatically reduces their overall cost of ownership.

Maxigems have currently supplied solutions to numerous businesses, for example Fastener Manufacturing, Forging Industry, Wire Drawing and Rubber Component Distributors and Manufacturers. The applications are highly flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of businesses.

Businesses can benefit from some of our ready-made solutions enabling rapid deployment and operationalization.